Silva Method workshop for children, September 6th, Grafton Capital Hotel



It was the most challenging and talented young generation I ever worked so far! However, we had a lot of fun! We've learned how to improve our memory, creativity, imagination, self-confidence & how to become more relaxed during the day filled up with many responsibilities! Thank you very much for such a great company! It was an enormous pleasure to work with you and learn from you!




I am extremely happy to work with the Silva Method Program with kids and their parents! Silva Method Program provides resources that aren't offered in schools, information and concepts that aren't part of the regular curriculum, but in my opinion should be. I am talking about real life skills that highly successful experts in various fields know, that our children, parents and teachers need to hear and learn.


Please see below the photos from Silva Method workshop for children.


The most challenging discussion I ever had.


Hmmm, what should I say...


Boosting creativity!


Getting ready to practice a MAGIC MIRROR.


Relaxation part!


Zosia wanted to be on a mat all the time.


Working with Memory Peg System.


Let me know if you are interested in the Silva Method workshops for your child. It is very effective process and will bring your child many benefits. I am also on a mission to introduce the Silva Method Program to Irish and Polish community school based in Ireland. Some of them have already made a decision to implement the Silva Method in their environments. The shift of awareness is taking place. Bring it on!




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