Silva Mastery Seminar with Ken Coscia, Oct 31st - Nov 1st, London

"It is not so much what you know... or even how much you know that enables you to realize your true and full potential. It is ability to effectively integrate and utilize what you know that enables you to create the life you want". - Ken Coscia

I had a huge privilege of attending the Silva Mastery Seminar with Ken Coscia in London last weekend. Ken is a powerful Silva Method Instructor. He has an easy going style and a unique ability to transform complex information into easy to understand techniques to create more balanced and purposeful lives. It was amazing and very inspiring two days of training full of insights, positive energy & many breakthroughs. I am so grateful to have an opportunity to learn from Ken. He is such an inspiration. He has been teaching the work of Jose Silva - the Founder of the Silva Method, for over 44 years.

Gabriel Ostend, Director of the Silva Method in Great Britain did a great work and organized this training amazingly professional.


Please see below my unforgettable moments from this seminar.


YAY!!! Amazing group of participants. More of the half group is missing on this photo.

Gabriel Ostend - Director of the Silva Method in Great Britain welcomed all participants and opened a seminar.


Ken Coscia, the lead instructor of the Silva Method & International Training Director for all Silva Instructors. Ken as always was very professional, dynamic and full of energy.


Ken in action.


The Silva Method Team - Karin, Gabriel, Claire, Marianne, Erika, Ken & I.


2nd Day of the training - with Marianne, Silva Method Instructor from Italy. I had a pleasure to meet my fellow instructors during that weekend.


With Claire and Marianne.


With June Kidd and Ken. June is an author of a book : "Manifesting with Silva". It is a book to inspire and question; what are we really capable of? This book is vailable on e-books: Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, it can be read on a p.c. tablet or telephone. In paper back from


With Norbert, Silva Method Graduate.



Birthday surprise for Ken.


Ken and Gabriel.



Superb experience!
I am thrilled to be learned how to create lasting breakthroughs, balance my personal energy, center myself in excellence and much more...Can't wait to share with you all new knowledge and life-transforming tools that I learned and practised last weekend.


With Ken and Gabriel, very inspiring, kind and successful Silva Method Instructors. Thank you for all your business tips and suggestions. I am ready to take more actions


It was so nice to be in sunny (YES!) ...sunny London once again and stepped in history of this place. London, I will definitely see you soon.


Do you want to know more about potential of your mind, how to center yourself in excellence and balance your personal energy? Send me an email and I will be more than happy to share my knowledge with you! Better & Better!



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