Silva Method Club #3

Live Intuitive Life


During the Silva Method Club meeting, which took place at Wisdom Center in Dublin, we talked about and worked with our intuition. Also, we had a time to meditate to have an opportunity to deeper connect with our inner-self/heart/soul/intuition.

What is an intuition, some of you my ask? Intuition is an ability that we are born with, it comes from our non-verbal and intuitive right brain, and never goes away. Intuition is more than trainable. It's a natural skill that we all born with  - but, like any skill, is has to be developed and practised - or it doesn't stick. With the right process, you can once again recover your intuitive senses.



“Intuition is the language of the soul. We’re all born aware with a profound sense of inner knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our higher selves, the universe, and to our divine spirit” - John Holland. 

"Your intuition is a muscle, to develop it, you must listen" - Phil Good.



You probably know that the only thing standing between you and your intuition is the resistance of your mind. Many of us prefer to listen to the logical brain, this is not always wrong, however once you connect yourself with your inner you, with your heart, with your intuition you will find out that they somehow know what you truly want to become or achieve.


You probably wonder why you should be the best friend with your intuition? Here is why:

- to live a life with purpose & meaning,

- to fulfill your mission on earth,

- to make wise choices and decisions,

- to solve problems for you and others.


From a business perspective, I would like to list for you a few benefits of using an intuition at your work place, that can benefit your business, team and the most importantly-you:

1. When you listen your intuition you become more open to new ideas. Listening to your intuition will stop the limiting patterns the rational mind can give you.

2. Your intuition helps identify your mission and purpose. It has been proven that following your dreams, and being clear in what you want will move you faster to your definition of success.

3. Using your intuition allows you to hear the voice of caution. Following your gut when it tells you to not do something is priceless.

4. Intuition can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your decision making, especially when you deal with non-standard situations.

5. When you have to deal with ambiguous, incomplete, or conflicting information - intuition will be your best friend.


If you want to enhance your intuition and discover how to use your intuition to make important decisions, avoid danger, start a new career, improve your health, find your soul mate, and even realize your lifetime dreams, please have a look at my upcoming Silva Method class schedule HERE.


How about you? Do you know how to work with your intuition? Please leave your comment in the box below.


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