What links Conor McGregor and the Silva Method?


Last weekend (February 6th-7th), I had a pleasure to run the Silva Life System Seminar in Dublin, the first part of the Silva Method Foundation Program. Amazing group of participants had an opportunity to awake their mind’s full potential, and enrich every aspect of their life - from their career to their health to their relationships.

Every single seminar has been always very special, but this particular one brought me so many insights plus it brought together people who are by nature driven to change their life and the world for better.

Amazing things happen when you are in a live seminar room of like-minded people. A high level of trust emerges and you feel safe and secure in allowing yourself to enjoy and more fully absorb the information. I was so inspired and excited this time that I forgot to make even one photo ( this doesn't usually happen to me). However, I have something special to share with you in this post and thanks to Phil - one of the participants - it's possible to happen.

You probably know already that the Silva Method Foundation Program learns to develop and apply the practical skills to naturally and easily increase productivity, lower medical costs, stay focused, positive and motivated in addition to becoming more creative – intuitive in your ability to create solutions and get into FLOW. Moreover, at the Silva Method training you learn how to use to visualization and imagination skills to manifest your project and goals in reality.


As a human being we exists on few different levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. In order  to manifest effectively our goals  in reality ( on physical level) we have to first prepare ourself mentally ( on mental level). Simply, we attract into our lives what we think about most of the time, good or bad. And that last part ‘good or bad’ is very important . Because focusing your thoughts on something you don’t want will actually invite that very thing into your life, whether you intended to or not. For example if you happen to be struggling financially, do not focus on your debt or the negative aspects surrounding your debt such as bills etc. Instead try focusing your energy on how to make money, on how to generate more income and if you do this with enough self belief and back it up with action then all of a sudden without you even realising those debts you once had will have simply vanished.


On Saturday, at the Silva Life System training I was explaining to the students that our brain doesn't distinguish the difference between Vivid Imagination and Physical Reality and I was emphasizing the power of affirmations and auto-suggestions on our positive thinking while Phil was introduced me and the rest of the group the successful story of Conor McGregor who is an Irish mixed marital artist  who competes in the featherweight and lightweight divisions of the (UFC). He is the current UFC Featherweight Champion  and the former  Cage Warriors featherweight and lightweight champion (source: Wikipedia).


Conor, all the time works with his mindset and in one of his interview, he stated:


“If you have a clear picture in your head that something is going to happen and a clear belief that it will happen no matter what then nothing can stop it. It is destined to happen. It’s perfect.”


"...when things are going good and you visualise good things happening , that’s easy. What’s not easy is to do is when things are going bad and you’re visualising the good stuff. And that’s what I was able to do. … Visualising good things in times of struggle, what you can do that, that really makes the law of attraction work.”



During difficult times it can be very hard to keep a positive mindset. But we must remember that the very act of focusing on positive thoughts will only make those thoughts grow larger and more powerful – until they ultimately manifests in your life in the exact way you picture. As Walt Disney said: "If you can dream it, you can do it".


I am not a fan of this kind of sport, but I admire Conor McGregor for working constantly with his mindset and having a clear picture of what he wants to achieve. It has been working for him and it might be for you.


Remember, everything what you can imagine, is real!


How do  you work with your mindset? Do you have any successful story to share? Please leave your comment in the box below.



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