Valentine's Day & Silva Intuition System, February 13th-14th

Last weekend we celebrated a Valentine's Day and I had a pleasure to run the Silva Intuition System Seminar for very like-minded people. It was great weekend full of love, gratitude, knowledge and practise. People are attracted to Silva Intuition System training because they want to develop their intuition and use it to make better decision, understand people better, and find their purpose in life.

At the Silva Intuition Seminar people learn how to find their life's purpose, how to fulfill their mission on earth, how to enhance their intuition and establish the constant  connection with the Source Energy.



The Silva Intuition System helps you to use your mind to such a powerful extent that within a couple of days you are able to demonstrate Intuition and possibly influence healing in others. You actually experience for yourself unquestionable proof of your newly developed ability to access concrete, tangible information with a degree of accuracy that goes beyond anything you ever imagined possible.

The Silva Intuition System was designed to help you not just achieve what you want – but to achieve what is right for you.


Please see below the photo relation from our training.

Day 1. Cantral Hotel Bar. Time for tea and coffees and powerful discussions.


Sharing some friends LOVE.


Day 2. Waiting to start the 2nd day of Silva Intuition training.


Healthy, vegan, Valentine's lunch with my lovely partcipants. Love working with poeple from different cultures.


Congratulations Rachel, Ewa and Elena! Good luck with your projects and goals!




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