Jagoda Sadka and her amazing story of making her dreams come true!



This is an example of young beautiful, smart and lovely lady showing that everything is possible if we really want to make our dreams come true!

Her name is Jagoda and I had a pleasure to meet her 1.5 years ago during one of my intuition workshop, it was October 2014. She is this kind of a person who loves to know more about the personal development growth and potential of our mind. Moreover, she has been following her heart since she was a primary school girl, so therefore she found my intuition workshop as something interesting and worth it to check. Due to the fact, the she had enjoyed my intuition workshop, she also decided to participate in the Silva Method class to get more knowledge and practise about infinite potential of our mind. She suffered from thyroid problem – hypothyroidism plus she was overweight at that time (February 2015)! And this is the beginning of her story....

After the Silva Method Foundation Course ( Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System) Jagoda has started to working with her mind by using her mental faculties such as visualization and imagination, she was taking a lot of actions to reduce her weight and to overcome her health issue (for Silva Graduates, she was using Laboratory tool). I was observing her progress as we became friends. She found a lot of motivation to start exercising with Ewa Chodakowska, ( one of the most famous Polish Fitness Trainer), spending time on the gym, eating healthy food, walking along the beach, spending time with the nature and constantly working with her mind to heal her thyroid. These habits and daily routines has becme her life style.

Around two weeks ago (February 24th 2016 – I remembered that day exactly, I was on my holiday in Poland, having lunch with my husband in Katowice), she sent me a text saying that she was able to overcome hypothyroidism, this information was based on her hospital check up! My eyes were full of tears fulfilled with joy and happiness.

Jagoda before and after her challenge! This photo was taken from Ewa Chodoakowska fanpage with the permission of Jagoda.

I’m so proud of you, Jagoda! You are my huge inspiration! Thank you for allowing me to share your fascinating story!

Jagoda nowadays!

Jagoda nowadays!

Jagoda nowadays!

It is very impornat to know how to support ourselves mentally, becasue then we are more willing to take the necessary actions in our daily life! What about you? Have you been inspired by Jagoda's story? Share your comment below and share your appreciations with Jagoda! She deserves acknowledgement!


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