How to calm your mind in the stressed out world?



"Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax." – Bryant Mcgill

We all have our emotional issues to bear, therefore it is so important to relax more frequently. Relaxation and peace are qualities that are neither expensive nor difficult to obtain, if we prioritize and make time for them. In this post, I would like to share with you my routines that have been helping me to calm my mind before or after the challenging situations and projects.


I found, that the best time for me to relax, is in the morning or in the evening.



My morning routines are very straightforward, they can be applied by anyone. They build my entire day – mentally, physically, and spiritually. I find that if I start the day by doing the habits listed below, I am usually happier, healthier, more productive throughout the day. Obviously, to implement these habits easy, you need to wake up earlier!


Visualize the day ahead.

This is very simple, shut your eyes and visualize how you want the day to unfold.


Morning meditation

Meditation is the practice of silencing the mind, and the morning is a particularly good time to do it as when you get up in the morning you are naturaly in the state of alpha frequencies. When you close your eyes your brain autmatically starts producing more alpha waves.


Read and / or listen to motivational material.

Just read a few sentence from your favourite and the most inspired book, listen to some powerful affirmation or find a 15 minutes to watch a motivational TED’s talk.


If you still have a time – exercise!

It might be a yoga, pilates, jogging, few squats, or crazy dance to your favourite music.


A few hours (at least one, however I do recommend two) before I go to sleep, I have a routine that has helped me to have more of a restful sleep, enabling me to feel refreshed when I awake in the mornings.



Stop watching TV, using your phone, Facebook and other Social Media tools. Get into the habit of reading inspired book, listening to relaxing music, having a conversation with your loved ones, or having a relaxing bath or shower. You may like to do something creative.


Express gratitude.

Reflect on your day and be thankful for everything what you have experienced. List three things that you are most grateful for: It could be, a good song over the radio, a chat with an old friend, delicious cake that you baked for your child. Research says that thinking about something good and peaceful before we sleep is more likely to help us.


Evening meditation.

This is my favourite technique that I use: Imagine being in your ideal place of relaxation. Swinging on the hammock or being near water on nice summer day, feeling the warm sun, the sound of the waves may be an ideal place of relaxation for you. This technique is very simply but extremely effective. So often we go to sleep emotionally charged, with our brains still buzzing. A restful sleep has a big influence over our brain activity and determines how focused and energized we are physically, mentally, and emotionally the following day.



Remember to nourish your mind by providing the tranquillity it needs to function efficiently and proactively. Keep your mind calm and let me know what do you think about my morning and evening routines? I would be more than happy to listen / read more about your own ones. Share them in the box below.


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