Spring Edition of the Silva Life System, April 16th-17th

Spring edition of the Silva Life System Seminar took place on 16th-17th April in Central Hotel, Dublin. As always I had a huge privilege to teach and be surrounded by amazing and like-minded poeple from Ireland and Croatia. In just the first day of training, all participants have learned how to meditate and relax their mind and body in less than 20 minutes. They become aware that with practice, they can reduce this time frame to a minute. They learned and practised the powerful tools to take their life to the next level, they had an opportunity to network with high-caliber minds and amazing people from all walks of life.

The benefits of practising the Silva Method on daily basis are as follow, so please do consider your participation in the next edition of the SIlva Method Foundation Course that will take place in October.

-activating the power of your mind,

-positive thinking with action,

-reducing stress and leveraging your personal energy,

-improving your mental and physical health,

-boosting your creativity,

-achieving your goals quicker,

-better sleeping,

-better performing at work environment and sports,

-making better decisions and recognizing your opportunities,

-tapping into your intuition.


Please see below a short photo relation from the event:

Day 1. Coffee/tea break in lovely Central Hotel Bar.


 Day 1. Great conversation, great networking beside the fireplace.


Day 2. Coffee/tea break. Every time is getting better & better as we were treated with nice toasts by hotel's restaurant. I highly recommend to cooperate with the Central Hotel in Dublin if you are the person who hosts some events, http://www.centralhoteldublin.com.

Day 2. Delicious lunch with amazing Silva people at Havana Tapas Bar, http://www.havana.ie.


Have you ever participated in the Silva Method's live Seminars? What is your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.





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