Silva Method workshop for children, September 6th, Grafton Capital Hotel



It was the most challenging and talented young generation I ever worked so far! However, we had a lot of fun! We've learned how to improve our memory, creativity, imagination, self-confidence & how to become more relaxed during the day filled up with many responsibilities! Thank you very much for such a great company! It was an enormous pleasure to work with you and learn from you!


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Change your mindset, change your life, September 5th, Castlebar


I had a pleasure to be invited for very powerful women meeting that took place at Castlebar (Breafy House Hotel & Spa Resort) where I spoke about the importance of our mindset and its influence on our personal and professional life. I always feel so grateful when I have an opportunity to work with women valuing growth and spread the message about the Silva Method.  Breafy House Hotel & Spa Resort is a very beautiful place for business meetings, weddings and spending time with family plus you can eat out there delicious food. It was very fast business trip to Castlebar filled up with new contacts and insights. Thank you for an invitation and see you soon!


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Silva Method Club #1

How to awake a genius within through the Silva Method

 A space which welcomes people who want to step back from the many pressures of their daily lives and environment. I had such a pleasure to spend an amazing evening with the group of people from different countries: Ireland, Poland, Hungary and Estonia. We talked about how to awake a genius within through the Silva Method, we experienced a deep relaxation/meditation exercise and had an opportunity to get known each other better and talked about the way of working with our negative beliefs. Grateful for every minutes that I spent with you! Thank you!


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Silva Intuition System, 29th-30th August, Central Hotel Dublin


People are attracted to Silva Intuition System because they want to develop their intuition and use it to make better decisions, understand people better, and find their purpose in life.

Another great weekend with amazing group of people - mix of Irish, Polish and Spanish personalities. Some of them traveled from Galway and Cork in order to make some substantial shifts in their personal and professional life and they all demonstrated high intuitive capability.


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Silva Life System, 22nd-23rd August, Central Hotel Dublin



"Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one. Read it with a pen for underlining." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

I feel very honored and appreciate the commitment of this mixed and open minded group of people. It was such a pleasure to work with and learn from Irish, Italian, Polish and American marvelous people in the same time at one room. Great energy, positive and open attitude and high level of awareness was amazing. They had an opportunity to learn how to unleash the power of mind in order to manifest their projects and dreams in life, develop their intuition and healing ability. The best is yet to come - the Silva Intuition System Seminar!


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