Silva Method Club / Dublin

Last week, I made a decision to set up the Silva Method Club and I sent my intention to the Universe. I haven’t waited too long in order to manifest my decision, because “...once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

For some reason, I felt that I really desire meeting the Silva Graduates, another meditation’s fans and personal development enthusiasts in the unique, bright and tranquil space surrounded by gardens and water. I was looking for an oasis of calmness...and I found the Wisdom Centre (I was told about this place by my good friend just in the moment when I needed, curiously enough, I have been living in Dublin for last eight years, and I had never heard about this awesome place. LOA all the way! ), a space which welcomes people who want to step back from the many pressures of their daily lives and environment.

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Make meditation super easy and fun


I know meditation is great for me. I deeply desire to have my meditation practice every day. I know that meditation has been changing and improving my life for better.

There are so many studies about the benefits of meditation that I am not even going to write them here as you can simply ‘google’ them up. I can only ensure you that by a regular practice of meditation you will invite more light into your life, you will increase your happiness and creativity, you will improve your emotional stability and immune system, you will increase your energy level and develop your intuition.

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103.2 Dublin City FM - New Dubliners


Great things never came from comfort zone!
If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our life!
There are now over half a million non-Irish people living in Ireland and a large number of them are living in Dublin. David Bell, presenter of New Dubliners show thought it would be interesting to meet some of these people and find out what brought them to Ireland in the first place, and what kind of the good and not so good experiences they have had living here. On Monday, 29th of June I had a pleasure to be one of his guest and talked about my life and career in Dublin since 2007.
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Global Meditation 2015 from Dublin 2015


Together we created a more compassionate world! July 11th at Central Hotel in Dublin we came together with a collective intention for compassion-within ourselves, and around the world. With hundreds of thousands of people meditating around the globe, we sent a powerful message that we are ready to be the change we want to see in the world. I had a pleasure to be the main organizer of this event and I am so grateful you for being part of this event.


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Leveraging the power of the mind, June 6th, Louis Fitzgerald Hotel



I had a pleasure to be invited for very powerful women meeting at Louis Fitzgerald Hotel at Dublin where I spoke about the importance of our mindset. Working with open-minded women an sharing my knowledge about the potential of our mind made me feel great!


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