Silva Life System - 21st-22nd March, Central Hotel Dublin


 As always, I had a pleasure to work with amazing and open-minded group of people. This time, at Silva Life System seminar, I was working with people from Ireland, Poland, Austria, Spain, Nigeria and USA. It was super awesome experience to share my knowledge and experience about the Silva Method program with the people from so different cultural background. We all had the same goal - unleash the power of our mind in order to manifest our projects and dreams in life. Thank you Emilia from Emilia Biedrzycka photography for amazing photos from the seminar.


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The Silva Method rocks!



I met Annette 6 weeks ago at Silva Life System seminar. She came with her husband Henry from Sligo to repeat the course. Since that time she has been my inspiration. I had a pleasure to see her again at Mind Body Spirit Dublin Festival last weekend. During my talks Annette – the Silva Method Graduate was sharing her story of using the Silva Method tools that have helped overcoming her health issue.


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The Silva Method Ireland at Mind Body Spirit Dublin Festival




I was one of the exhibitors at Mind Body Spirit Dublin Festival this year! I experienced many positive energy and vibes and an atmosphere was great! I met many people interested in the Silva Method program and talked with many Silva Method graduates. Thank you to everyone who visited the Silva Method Ireland stand. It was a pleasure to meet you!



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Silva Intuition System, 21st-22nd February, Central Hotel Dublin




I have just completed Silva Intuition System Seminar - the 2nd part of the Silva Method Foundation Program with wonderful, fun, open-minded, positive and diverse group of people who demonstrated high intuitive capability. They came for the training from the different parts of Ireland and UK.



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Kurs Silva Life System - Polska Edycja, 7-8 Lutego, Central Hotel Dublin




Pierwsza edycja kursu Silva Life System dla Polonii mieszkającej w Irlandii odbyła się w Dublinie w ubiegły weekend! W związku z tym piszę relację z treningu w języku polskim! Była to pierwsza część czterodniowego Programu Metody Silvy. Druga jego część Silva Intuition System odbędzie się w języku polskim 18 i 19 kwietnia w Dublinie w Central Hotel.




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