Silva Life System - III Polska Edycja - 12-13 marca, Centrel Hotel Dublin

Ach, co to był za weekend! Pełen niesamowitej i pozytywnej energii, cudownych i bardzo otwartych osobowości oraz przede wszystkim nauki i praktyki! Grupa uczestników Kursu Metody Silvy - Silva Life System w Dublinie, uczyła się jak funkcjonuje nasz umysł, w jaki sposób odkryć jego nieskończony potencjał i iść za głosem swojego serca w celu osiągnięcia marzeń i realizacji swoich celów. Każda omawiana technika na kursie była przez uczestników praktykowana, bo kursy Metody Silvy opierają się przede wszystkim na praktyce i działaniu!

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Jagoda Sadka and her amazing story of making her dreams come true!



This is an example of young beautiful, smart and lovely lady showing that everything is possible if we really want to make our dreams come true!

Her name is Jagoda and I had a pleasure to meet her 1.5 years ago during one of my intuition workshop, it was October 2014. She is this kind of a person who loves to know more about the personal development growth and potential of our mind. Moreover, she has been following her heart since she was a primary school girl, so therefore she found my intuition workshop as something interesting and worth it to check. Due to the fact, the she had enjoyed my intuition workshop, she also decided to participate in the Silva Method class to get more knowledge and practise about infinite potential of our mind. She suffered from thyroid problem – hypothyroidism plus she was overweight at that time (February 2015)! And this is the beginning of her story....

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Valentine's Day & Silva Intuition System, February 13th-14th

Last weekend we celebrated a Valentine's Day and I had a pleasure to run the Silva Intuition System Seminar for very like-minded people. It was great weekend full of love, gratitude, knowledge and practise. People are attracted to Silva Intuition System training because they want to develop their intuition and use it to make better decision, understand people better, and find their purpose in life.

At the Silva Intuition Seminar people learn how to find their life's purpose, how to fulfill their mission on earth, how to enhance their intuition and establish the constant  connection with the Source Energy.

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What links Conor McGregor and the Silva Method?


Last weekend (February 6th-7th), I had a pleasure to run the Silva Life System Seminar in Dublin, the first part of the Silva Method Foundation Program. Amazing group of participants had an opportunity to awake their mind’s full potential, and enrich every aspect of their life - from their career to their health to their relationships.

Every single seminar has been always very special, but this particular one brought me so many insights plus it brought together people who are by nature driven to change their life and the world for better.

Amazing things happen when you are in a live seminar room of like-minded people. A high level of trust emerges and you feel safe and secure in allowing yourself to enjoy and more fully absorb the information. I was so inspired and excited this time that I forgot to make even one photo ( this doesn't usually happen to me). However, I have something special to share with you in this post and thanks to Phil - one of the participants - it's possible to happen.

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The Silva Method Ireland at the Health Seminar with Jerzy Zieba


"There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset" - Arlen Specter.

Almost 400 people gathered in one place to learn how to improve their health. It was amazing seminar organized by Infinite Progress, full of insights, inspiration, facts and superb knowledge about HEALTH! I had a pleasure to have my own stand at the seminar and promote an huge impact of the Silva Method on our mental and physical health.

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