Awake The Genius Within - Your Roadmap To Success.

6 months coaching program with the Silva Method principles.



In my life time, I have undergone many phases – from being sick when I was a student to regaining my health again, from being unemployed when recession came to Ireland to being a successful business owners, from being stressed all the time to being relaxed and full of energy, from being afraid when I was speaking to others to being confident when dealing with people and my clients on the daily basis. In each of this phases the key ingredient for positive shift to happen was to step into a NEW WAY OF THINKING. I learned that nothing in my life was going to change unless I first had to change my way of thinking, my MIND. With that came my personal and professional life shifted for the better and it’s a shift that just keeps getting better through time.

There is a specific process that I had to overcome to reprogram my subconscious and welcome health, happiness and abundance in my life and this process I would like to share with you in my new 6 months coaching program based on the Silva Method principles.

This 6 months coaching program will help you to shift your reality into new, better and deserved environment, into fulfilled relationship with your partner, children and clients, into successful career, you will connect with your intuition, passion and you will create a NEW WAY OF THINKING that will motivate you to act towards your goals and dreams.

The benefits of completing the program, are as follow:

Overcoming negative beliefs and behaviour

Positive thinking with positive actions

Setting up new habits

Reducing stress

Leveraging the level of personal energy

Boosting your creativity

Achieving goals quicker

Making better decisions

Recognizing opportunities

Tapping into intuition

Improving health

Being in fulfilled relationship

Better performance at work

Finding your passion

The program includes 12 modules.

I.Shift your paradigm

II.Overcome your limiting beliefs

III.Build your self-confidence

IV.Find out what you desire

V.Be a Visioneer

VI.Set up a goal

VII.Plan your actions

VIII.Take your actions

IX.Support yourself during the journey

X.Become a friend with your surroundings

XI.Deal with your resistance

XII.Claim your result

This program is for you if you want to learn the skills necessary to reprogram your mind, to love yourself, to increase your self-esteem, to discover what you love, to set achievable goals, to plan and reach for your dreams in a way that significantly increases your opportunities to succeed. You will also learn how to take successful actions, to act when something would not go according to the plan, to deal with criticism and t reward yourself during your adventure.



From the time when I started practicing the Silva Method and use the coaching tools I noticed that my life started changing along the way. I have learned how to be more positive, relaxed, energized and patient. I have overcome my health issue and increased my learning speed. I got happily married with the love of my life. I become a mum of a wonderful children. I had a courage to start building my own businesses. But most of all I started believing in myself and I developed a new approach in my life which I called : 'You are creator of your own life'.

I am forever grateful for everything that has been happening in my life and I strongly believe that the coaching and Silva Method techniques combined together helped me to achieve all my small and big goals. Now, this specific process that I have designed, I would like to share with you. It will be my enormous pleasure to show you the way of awaking the genius within you that will help you to discover your roadmap to success and live a happy and fulfilled life.


This program is the most powerful process created for quickly and permanently transforming any goal, dream or desire into reality. And I will be your Coach and Mentor during this journey. There’s nothing more valuable than being mentored when it comes to success. A mentor who has your back and guides you every two week one step at a time will ensure you develop a success mindset and reach your goals quicker that you think. You’ll receive customized tools, tips and recorded visualization that once implemented will bring your performance to another level!

Not sure, what the Silva Method is all about?

The Silva Method is a simple, practical, easy to learn toolkit, designed to train you to make better use of your mental processes.

Since 1966,the Silva Method has helped over 6 million people in 110 countries in nearly 50 years – including Scientists, Doctors, Artists and Entrepreneurs gain control over their minds and improve their lives in various meaningful ways such as career, finance, health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships. You will find more information on

Don’t wait till ‘some day’, start today.

This 6 months coaching program requires the investment of your time and money. Let’s be honest - you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. And that brings the excitement of starting a long-awaited adventure. You don’t know what exactly is going to happen, but you know it’s going to be life-changing. 

Register for the program HERE and READ about the technical details of how we are going to work together!



December 15th - 2016 at 8.30 pm,  I will run a FREE WEBINAR, where I will be talking in detalils about the benefits of completing this program in your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL life.

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Katarzyna Ostasz holds her Masters in Sociology and Education. She graduated at Positive Success Group in Ireland with an Accredited Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching. Before she became the Certified Silva Method Instructor (, her professional background was in Media, Recruitment and Training. She currently runs her own coaching business in Ireland ( She was certified as a Silva Method Instructor in July 2014. Since then the Silva Method has been her lifestyle. Her mission is to inspire, enrich and contribute to people's lives, helping them shine in whatever it is they decide to do. She brings relevant academic and professional experience to her work together with a unique, creative, energetic and holistic approach. Privately, she is a happy mum of two kids, and a wife. Her life motto is: "Live your life to the fullest."






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