New dimension in human thinking has been discovered – The Silva Method.

It is a method for getting in control of your mind, so that more of your mind goes to work for you.

You might be not aware, but it is now being used by business managers all over the world to improve their perception, their memory, their insight and their decision making.

During the Silva Method training you’ll learn:

• Common manager problems and how to use the Silva Method for solutions
• Triggering creative ideas to stay ahead of the competition
• How to replace manager doldrums, headaches and burnout with dynamic ongoing enthusiasm
• How you can gain in managerial skills when you control your mind
• The Silva Method for getting more of your mind to work for you
• Enhanced memory and concentration for effective management
• Silva Mind Control for a successful day
• Handling difficult people and solving discipline problems
• Managing time more efficiently with the Silva Method
• Getting the word to subordinates, supervisors, suppliers and salespeople
• How to make your presence more effective at meetings and in other situations
• Managing with enhanced perception in these times of change


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