“As an epigeneticist, I know how our minds can influence our biology. If you want to learn how to have the mind be your friend in creating miracles, this course is the one. We are all so powerful, but forget this, and this course actually reminds you how to be powerful. Katarzyna, is an amazing facilitator, who has the ability to teach this content magnificently. She is compassionate, loving and so approachable. I not only enjoyed the course, but a few days after and I am already feeling the benefits of it on so many levels.”

Dr Charan Surdhar

“Invest in yourself by attending Kasia’s Silva courses! You will manifest many positive returns, even better and beyond your original intent. As a business professional, I sought from the Silva Method tools for increasing productivity and efficiency; techniques for learning, retaining, and recalling large amounts of technical knowledge; the capacity to stay relaxed, focused and in “flow” in high pressure situations; and the ability to serve my company, coworkers and clients more profoundly by tapping in to their true needs and concerns. Kasia opened the door to all of these aspirations! Her connections to and understanding of the business world make her an excellent coach for those seeking business related goals. But I promise you will get more – you will gain insight into yourself and faculties for enriching all aspects of your life. While my initial intent was business related, the Silva techniques in conjunction with my personal beliefs have rekindled my awareness of the beautiful mysticism of each present moment. Thank you, Kasia, for all you do!.”

Reba Bush

“Accidentally or not, I came across a book called the Silva Mind Control Method by Jose De Silva. After I read the book, I signed up for Silva Life & Intuition System seminars by Katarzyna Ostasz (Mindset Coach & Business Trainer Certified Silva Method Instructor) in Dublin.

As an artist, I often have a creative block, and I was looking forward to learning how to enter the Alpha level and then using my creative mind to help me enhance creativity or let inspiration flow.

I can say the seminar exceeded all my expectations. I found all elements of Silva’s Life & System Intuition seminar interesting to explore. Katarzyna explanations, guidance, unique and inspiring stories, meditations through the seminar, and her successful personal story with Silva Method blew my mind. They opened a more comprehensive presentation of what I want in life in general, not only in the creative part as I look from the beginning of the seminar. Some parts of the seminar prove that we don’t know our capabilities and don’t know much about our inner strength. Our connection and experience with our Source Energy still, I am sure, to expand and envelope for me. A lot of the program felt very practical to me. I love Lab and Counselors , Glass of Water technique, Mirror of the Mind technique, three-finger technique and many more. The visualisation in HoloViewing Technique gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to shape my life more how I’d like it.

Katarzyna, step by step, guides us through complex material and patiently answers all questions through seminars, helping us to feel relaxed, happy, and positive, with a positive mindset after each seminar. I learned a lot from her.

It is not enough words to express my gratitude for all vibes, energy and knowledge we received from Katarzyna. I also would like to thank Katarzyna for the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the seminar. The tasty lunch and coffee breaks were so lovely. I am thankful for all the supporting materials and unlimited access to complimentary email support . Priceless!

Additionally, to add that I met so positive and open-minded participants. I recommend this course to everyone, and if you believe that there are many things in this life that we are yet to discover, and can keep an open mind about things, you’ll find it fascinating.

Now I know that the Silva Intuition System will unfold for me more with time and open my awareness and help me to tap into the power of my intuition in all areas of life. Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”

Ekatarina Donnelly

The time spent on the course was some of the best investment in myself I have made in the recent years. It was transformational, relaxing and applicable to pretty much all areas of my life.

I have learned about the way our brain operates and how to use its potential to “create” our life the way we want it. The meditations and techniques are simple yet incredible and the magic that follows is contagious. Now I make my husband meditate – which is a big thing.

So far I have used the tools and techniques in work, relationship, to “book” a parking spot in a busy location – so pretty much everywhere.

This course is for everyone who wants to invest in themselves, take control of their life and change the mindset from life that is happening to me to create the life I want.”

Magda Pepper

“Kasia is a wonderful facilitator and inspirational coach. She leads her seminars professionally while remaining mindful to participants needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Silva Method training with Kasia which encompassed her pleasant manner, expert skills and attention to detail. Kasia is clearly compassionate about her work.
Whether you are looking for Silva Method training or Life Coaching, Kasia will motivate you to focus on goals and achieve your dreams. I recommend Kasia as a successful business woman who aspires to empower others through delivery of high quality teaching.Contact Kasia now to ensure your life becomes better & better in every way.”

Rachel Brady

Watch Roisin’s Sullivan Testimonial

I have completed this course and loved it so much that I have gone back as a ‘repeater’. Katarzyna is a fantastic facilitator and teaches the Silva Method with great clarity. Once the Silva mind ‘tools’ are implemented correctly, the results are amazing. It is beneficial not only for achieveing your own goals, but also fantastic for helping those around you with their goals or health issues etc, which is a real plus! A very enjoyable few days with great people. I highly recommend this course.

Roisin Sullivan

“The past two weekends have been life changing and eye opening to say the least!  Other than meeting my fiancee, and memories I have with family and friends, I think this past weekend has been the most impactful weekend I’ve ever experienced in my life. You’ve provided myself and my fellow silva classmates with a precious gift, allowing us to access  more of ourselves that we didn’t think was ever possible. For this I can’t express enough my sincerest gratitude for your teachings.  I feel very blessed to have had an instructor with incredible passion, drive, and a genuine love for helping others. Your delivery of the content was impeccable. I never felt rushed, overwhelmed, or stressed during this experience. You provided us with a comfortable, warm, and incredibly structured class with honest examples of how the silva method has changed your life. You are an outstanding teacher and example of the power of human potential! Overall this was an amazing experience and I’m already recommending it to many of my friends! I look forward to keeping in touch with you and my fellow Silva brothers and sisters from the class (haha)!  I wish you all the best Kasia. Sending lots of love and positive energy.”

Habib Mutawakil

“I was fortunate to participate in Silva Method course run by Kasia.
She is a person who pours all her heart into her work. Her passion for sharing the knowledge and way of sharing it with the clients makes everybody at ease.
She presents the knowledge in a practical and interesting way. You never get bored and you always benefit.
You always feel inspired, motivated and relaxed in the same time.”

Magda Kowalewska

I did the Silva Life and Silva Intuition  System online courses with Katarzyna over two weekends. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses, they were extremely enjoyable and informative. Katarzyna was an excellent facilitator, she was extremely knowledgeable, prompt and helpful. She provided opportunities for discussion and gave good clarification on any queries we had. She provided us with great examples of how the Silva Method has influenced her life. 

It was also great that it was online, because living in the West of Ireland, it meant that I didn’t have to travel to Dublin. 
Katarzyna provided good opportunities for interaction with the other people taking the course and it was lovely to meet and interact with like minded people. 
I have been practising the Silva Method, twice a day for over 20 minutes since doing the courses and I’m already seeing the difference it is making in my life. I look forward to seeing where it leads me over the next few weeks and into the future. 
I would highly recommend doing the Silva Life and Silva Intuition Courses with Katarzyna.

“The Silva Method training was probably one of the most interesting and life changing courses I have ever taken. It has opened my mind up to a completely new way of thinking and has made me very excited about my future.  Katarzyna was a fantastic tutor,  very professional and her obvious enthusiasm and passion made the training easy to follow and enjoyable. 


“I have graduated from the Silva Method 17 years ago in Hungary, and recently I’ve felt the need to repeat the course. 
I had great results and achievements over the years, but I wanted to refresh my knowledge and dig deeper. Suddenly, one day I came across the Silva Method Ireland’s upcoming classes in Dublin and snatched the opportunity.
The best of my decisions for the past few years.
It was all familiar but fresh and new at the same time, thanks to Katarzyna who is a real energy bomb. She delivered the classes with radiant joy and enthusiasm leaving all participants with a thorough knowledge of the method. We had the most uplifting and energising weekends in her classes.
Do not hesitate to participate in her Silva Method Courses – she will guide you all the way with sure hands and will teach you to use a magic tool you already have but never used like this before – your own mind and intuition.
Better & better!

Eva Molnar

“I attended Silva courses in London in 2015 and with Katarzyna in 2016. I wanted to refresh my knowledge and it was even better than the first two times.
We are encouraged to ask questions and to share our experiences. Katarzyna is a great teacher and makes the concepts very easy to understand. She also includes real life examples or modern technology updates which makes reading the original documentation a lot easier.

I learned so much more this time round; Katarzyna makes it so easy and re-iterates the concepts over and over.
I would recommend attending Katarzyna’s Silva Method programme to everyone. 
It’s fantastic and you will look at the world a lot differently! The people that are drawn to Katarzyna’s classes are also amazing.”

Sinead Hanlon