Equip yourself for the business and /or workplace of tomorrow using Katarzyna Ostasz’s effective approach based on the Silva Method’s system

I collaborate with PKC PEOPLE – a boutique HR Consultancy with advanced expertise in all aspects of strategic and operational Human Resource Management.

Design Your Mind & Break Through Behaviour Patterns

1:1 Business Mentoring

Over the past nine years I successfully delivered a powerful programme and processes providing mentoring and coaching to solopreneuers, small and medium sized businesses. I have designed and facilitated various employee training and organisational change growth mindset programmes for the SME sector and large corporate teams in Ireland and Poland.

Team Building Workshops & Transformation and Mindset Programmes

Unleash your team’s potential. Boost productivity. Build high performance teams. Team building workshops, Transformation & Mindset Programmes and Workplace Wellbeing Programmes that I’m specializing at are a fantastic way to boost collaboration and make quick progress.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to the NEW YOU or the HIGH-PERFORMING COMPANY







Katarzyna is a finalist of Woman Business Award for Polish Business Woman in Ireland in category Coach


Entrepreneur, manager, or job-seeker, you want to learn how to think, how to build productive habits, and emerge as a new version of yourself, taking energy from the ‘taints’ you have.


Forge a new mindset that’s going to make you a winner in the workplace of the near future.


Live life fully, take calculated risks, and take decisions to explore and enlarge your life’s maps.


Find a source of creative power within yourself, so that you could always find a way out when it looks like impending doom.


Find abundance in your life, be it in wealth, disposable income, or relationships. Whatever you seek, find a way to find plenty of it in life.


Create the reality you wish to live in, not what others want you to live in and learn to direct energy to the important areas of life.

About Katarzyna Ostasz

Certified Silva Method Instructor, Mindset Expert for Business Owners & Corporate Teams. Helping people awaken the hidden power of their mind & activate their intuition.

Katarzyna Ostasz has joined PKC People’s team of experts in 2023 as Senior Executive Coach and Business Trainer with a specific focus on employee mindset development, facilitation and training for the medium to large corporate sector.

Katarzyna has over 17 years’ experience working in the Media, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Coaching and Training sectors and since 2014 she has been running her own coaching business and representing Silva method in Ireland.

For almost 14 years, she has been learning from leading personal development and spiritual masters around the world, collecting the best tools for life transformation and developments.

Helped hundreds of people to improve their life for the better. Regular contributor of expert statements in the media. Successful YouTuber. Passionate about healthy life style, quantum physic, adventure and dancing.


“As an epigeneticist, I know how our minds can influence our biology. If you want to learn how to have the mind be your friend in creating miracles, this course is the one. We are all so powerful, but forget this, and this course actually reminds you how to be powerful.

Katarzyna, is an amazing facilitator, who has the ability to teach this content magnificently. She is compassionate, loving and so approachable. I not only enjoyed the course, but a few days after and I am already feeling the benefits of it on so many levels.”

Dr Charan Surdhar


“The time spent on the course was some of the best investment in myself I have made in the recent years. It was transformational, relaxing and applicable to pretty much all areas of my life.

I have learned about the way our brain operates and how to use its potential to “create” our life the way we want it. The meditations and techniques are simple yet incredible and the magic that follows is contagious. Now I make my husband meditate – which is a big thing.

So far I have used the tools and techniques in work, relationship, to “book” a parking spot in a busy location – so pretty much everywhere.

This course is for everyone who wants to invest in themselves, take control of their life and change the mindset from life that is happening to me to create the life I want.”

Magda Pepper

Learning Design Consultant

Invest in yourself by attending Kasia’s Silva courses! You will manifest many positive returns, even better and beyond your original intent. As a business professional, I sought from the Silva Method tools for increasing productivity and efficiency; techniques for learning, retaining, and recalling large amounts of technical knowledge; the capacity to stay relaxed, focused and in “flow” in high pressure situations; and the ability to serve my company, coworkers and clients more profoundly by tapping in to their true needs and concerns. Kasia opened the door to all of these aspirations! Her connections to and understanding of the business world make her an excellent coach for those seeking business related goals. But I promise you will get more – you will gain insight into yourself and faculties for enriching all aspects of your life. While my initial intent was business related, the Silva techniques in conjunction with my personal beliefs have rekindled my awareness of the beautiful mysticism of each present moment. Thank you, Kasia, for all you do!

Reba Bush


Team Building Workshop – Feedback

“The Middle East Regional team held a one day workshop with the aim of improving our communication and being better prepared to trouble shoot problems when the arise. For a team who works remotely in different countries and across different time zones, we felt this was especially important to improve our efficiency.

The team agreed that you had really understood the challenges we face very well, and took into account the contextual challenges we face working in conflict affected countries in the Middle East. The team were especially motivated to generate some solutions during your structured discussion and agree a plan for improving our ability to communicate not only about business critical issues but also about our team self-care and communicating our own needs without feeling self-conscious.

I specifically feel that the 10 point plan we put together rounded off the morning successfully and gave me a starting point on which our team can build. We are starting to use the techniques discussed in our daily and weekly interactions and I see the approach beginning to catch on with other teams too.

Your facilitation was powerful and positive and was just what we needed to get out of the daily grind mindset and remind ourselves that we can chose to do things differently if we put our mind to it.”

Lorraine Marriott
Regional Director Middle East

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.