Self development workshop – 5th of october

Silva Method for Children

The only workshop of its kind in Ireland, thanks to which your child will spread the wings, improve memory, develop creative thinking, increase self-esteem and learn to solve challenges. Workshop is conducted by a Certified Silva Method Instructor – Katarzyna Ostasz.

Minding our childrens minds for the Future! 

As a Mom of two children and just like you, I imagine wanting them to grow into happy, healthy, confident and creative adults who believe ‘Once I dream it, I can achieve it’! 

I am also a highly experienced and practiced Silva Mind Training expert. 

The Silva Method development workshop for children that I am proposing is a specially designed educational and development program based on relaxation exercises and imagination development. Thanks to the programme, children learn the art of relaxing their body and mind and recognizing and controlling their emotions. 

As a result of the techniques learned during the workshop and later practiced at home, the child’s creative potential increases, intuition develops, and, above all, their way of thinking changes from negative to positive.  

the most important benefits of the workshop

Creative thinking

Children learn to use their potential more effectively. They know how to activate their genius and use it in everyday life.

The workshop’s techniques and practices  can increase children’s self-esteem and makes them feel valuable and believe in their own unique talents!

Silva techniques are invaluable help at school that give children the opportunity to include imagination in the process of remembering and improving concentration.

Silva techniques can improve the overall quality of life of both children and adults, therefore it’s worth for our children to know them so that they can consciously create their own lives.

“We will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in, so that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world for those who follow.” – José Silva

What starts to emerge then is better behaviour and a more positive attitude towards their surrounding reality even when things do not go according to as they want them. Teaching our children to be able to accept setbacks and yet move forward in a better way is an invaluable tool, one which I wish I had learned as a child! 

Silva system has proven outcomes in improved results in test taking, sports, playing an instrument, and social interaction improves at home and at play.  

Also the workshop and practices can increases children’s self-esteem and makes them feel valuable and believe in their own unique talents! 

Additionally, the workshop can have an incredibly positive impact on school performance. 

Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first!

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Three hours workshop, full of practice and a lot of fun, thanks to which your child will awake the genius within, and start using it with your support in everyday life.

Workshop’s benefits – what will your child learn?

  • how to become calmer and have more energy

  • how to be more self-confident

  • how to get better results in school

  • how to aim and achieve his/her goals

  • how to be more independent

  • development of creativity and creative thinking

  • how to communicate easly with freinds, family and peers

  • how to improve problem solving skills

  • how to manage and reduce stress and anxiety

  • how to become more positive and happier

  • how to develop positive habits

  • how to become more intuitive

  • improve their memory and concentration

The workshop consists of three parts:


  • How to deal with stress?

    ✔️relaxation techniques

    ✔️reduce stress and anxiety

    ✔️achieve peace, joy and harmony in life 

    ✔️making better decision


  • How to improve memory?

    ✔️improve your concentration

    ✔️get better results in school

    ✔️achieve peace, joy and harmony in life 

    ✔️develop creativity and creative thinking


  • How to achieve goals?

    ✔️develop positive habits

    ✔️increase self-esteem

    ✔️aim to achieve goals

    ✔️communicate better and overcome challenges

    ✔️become more intuitive

information about the workshop


During a 3-hour workshop, children will learn methods of relaxation and how to use their imagination to be better at school, goal achievements, etc. Your child can attend a workshop in comfortable clothes, it’s OK to bring a pillow, a yoga mat or a blanket, something small for a snack and to drink, preferably a water.


Saturday, 5th of October

KIDS CLASS 1ST-6TH – 13:30-16:30

It’s recommended for your kid to be 7 years old.

Children work in a group of 15. It’s all about QUALITY not quantity. Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

FYI! Discount for silblings. First child €69, second child €59, third child €49, itd.


The workhop will take place at Balance Holistic Centre Unit 6, Brookfield Enterprise Centre, 17 Rossfield Avenue, Dublin, D24 X067, Ireland

Bus 27, Luas – Red Line


Parents meeting:

The parent’s meeting after the workshop will take place on Wednesday, October 9th at 7pm.

Link will be sent via email.

The ON-LINE meeting will last 90 minutes and will explain what the child learned during the workshop and present the parents how to work with children using the workshop techniques. All parents will receive a WORKBOOK with instruction.

Photo report from the Silva method workshop for children that took place during the spring 2024.

Kate Ostasz

Workshop Facilitator

Katarzyna Ostasz is a Certified Coach,  Mental Trainer, Teacher and Certified Silva Method Instructor.

Mother, wife, enthusiast of healthy life style.

Her passion is to help people to awaken their mind’s hidden potential and activate the power of their intuition, so they can live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

She loves everyday wonder about life, having fun with her family and friends, nature and dancing.

Should you require further assistance, please contact me.


Phone:+353 862511031