Silva method kids workshop – class 1st-6th


Minding our childrens minds for the Future! 

The only workshop of its kind in Ireland, thanks to which your child will spread his wings, improve memory, develop creative thinking, increase self-esteem and learn to solve challenges.

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As a Mom of two children and just like you I imagine want them to grow into happy, healthy, confident and creative adults who believe ‘Once I dream it, I can achieve it’! 

I am also a highly experienced and practiced Silva Mind Training expert. 

The Silva Method development workshop for children that I am proposing is a specially designed educational and development program based on relaxation exercises and imagination development.


Waht will your child learn during the workshop?

  • how to become calmer and have more energy
  • how to be more self-confident
  • how to get better results in school
  • how to aim and achive his/her goals
  • how to be more independent
  • development of creativity and creative thinking
  • how to communicate easly with freinds, family and peers
  • how to improve problem solving skills
  • how to manage and reduce stress and anxiety
  • how to become more positive and happier
  • how to develop positive habits
  • how to become more intuitive
  • improve their memory and concentration

See you at the workshop.