Why is it so beneficial for business managers, CEOs, leaders and other high achievers to practise relaxation exercises regularly?

CEOs, business leaders are usually the most effective people in the business, they need to take care of their mindset and energy. They need to make calm and rational decision. A regular 20-minute break for meditation or relaxation exercises can improve their focus, clarity, slowing heart rate, reducing muscle tension, reducing anger and frustration, improving sleep quality, boosting confidence, improving brain activities, etc.

In my short post I would like to focus on the ways to exercise your brain taking into deep consideration two techniques – a conscious relax and meditation.

According to Mark Robert Waldman, How God changes your brain, the best ways to exercise our brain is:

8. Smile.

7. Staying intellectually active.

6. Conscious relax.

5. Yawn.

4. Meditation. I wish I could say that meditation is number one, but being number four according to Waldman’s research is nothing to sneeze at.

3. Aerobic exercise.

2. Dialogue with others.

1. Faith

I will encourage you to read Waldman’s book to find out all the reason standing behind these practices.

Conscious relax according to Waldman’s research is the sixth best way to exercise out brain. What does it exactly mean? It is a “deliberate scan of each part of our body to reduce muscle tension and physical fatigue”. Simple, repetitive activities that are pleasurable and meaningful can also take into a deep state of relaxation. In one of his study, he found that “the ritual od counting rosaries lowers tension, stress and anxiety”. Also according to Waldman’s studies, “relaxation does much more than relieve body tension – it interrupts the brain’s release of stress- stimulating neurochemicals”.


Meditation is the fourth best way to exercise our brain says Waldman. “Even ten to fifteen minutes of meditation appears to have significantly positive effects on cognition, relaxation, and psychological health”, his studies prove. Visualization, guided imagery, and self-hypnosis are specific variations of meditation and are equally effective in maintaining a healthy brain.

According to my personal opinion that is based on many science based readings, articles, researches and the Silva method seminars that I teach in Ireland, meditation is the best thing not only business leaders, CEOs, high achievers can do for themselves and their companies, but meditation is the best thing that you could be doing right now. Join my next Silva Method training and experience the power of conscious relaxation combined with a dynamic meditation.

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