Healing Benefits of Water


Imagine taking a swim, standing on top of a vibrating machine, or drinking a glass of water before going to bed with an intention. All these activities sound like simple everyday activities – except that with some added activities – they could heal your muscle and bone joint pains, blood circulation difficulties, stress, your body’s ability to balance, back pain, your body’s difficulties with digesting food, and get guidance on any kind of problem you really want to solve in life. With the help of modern alternative medicine practices such as hydropathy and vibration therapy, and with mainstream meditation methods such as the Silva Method, you’re now able to do amazing things with water!

The father of medicine endorsed it:

It’s known as hydrotherapy – using water to heal diseases.  Even though it’s considered to be alternative medicine, it seems to have cemented its credibility. One of the most recent examples of success is where a group of researchers based in the USA, Colombia, and Switzerland has healed pain in the nerves using hydrotherapy. This has happened this year. Rest assured, hydropathy has been there for a long, long time !  Hippocrates – the legendary Greek philosopher – advised about how thermal (hot and cold) baths could cure human diseases. Then came the Romans! Thermal baths were set-up in public places for everyone so people could socialise and heal at the same time! Our modern-day spas have their roots in thermal baths. Did you know, ‘spa’ is actually a Latin word standing for ‘Sanas Par Aquam’, meaning ‘ Heal Through Water8’? Using hot and cold compresses alternatively, drinking a predetermined amount of water immediately after waking up, these are all examples of hydropathy.  Hydropathy’s about water, and vibration therapy’s about using machines and generating specific frequencies to impact our body’s cells.

The father of modern neurology eliminated Parkinson’s with this:

The earliest example of vibration therapy is when Professor Jean-Martin Charcot – known as the father of modern neurology for his immense contributions to the field – carried out a pilot experiment with vibrating chairs to cure his patients from Parkinson’s disease.  If you want to know how it works, well, according to our primary-school physics teacher, we only hear the sound of something because it has a vibration. Whether your kid is trying to play the violin or diving into the lake, it’ll produce sound because the atoms that make up the violin and the lake’s water are making rapid back and forth movements. Whatever our kids do creates ripples (waves) and they travel via air to our ears.  Meanwhile, in modern day, medical researchers were concerned that Russian cosmonauts were losing bones at a faster rate. So, they conducted a study and found that vibrations had an effect on human bones. They then tried to check if we could use vibrations to improve athletic performance with success. By now in 2023, it’s a well-accepted form of cure for arthritis and the like. 

Doing amazing things with water:

It’s possible to influence matter when we can direct our consciousness to anything the mind can experience.  In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto showed how benevolent and malevolent human intentions were clearly affecting water’s molecular structure. He also showed how sound, specifically, heavy metal and Mozart’s symphony 40, affected water’s molecular structure positively and harmfully respectively. What really happened was that Mr. Emoto told the research participants to think about specific topics when being around jars of water and rice.  The microscopic formations of water in the jars with positive intentions turned out to be beautiful whereas the ones with curses and malevolent intentions became unpleasant to watch.

We may consider the Silva Method system of dynamic meditation as an example, it helps students to solve all kinds of problems by using water as a carrier of thoughts. See HERE more information for upcoming Silva Method Seminars. Here are a few benefits of ‘water programming’ , for example:

  1. Deeply personal and relevant:   you’re thinking you’re unemployed so you need a job but maybe you’ve got an opportunity to do something that’s entrepreneurial and would benefit your loved ones greatly.  Working with water, you’d get the answer in a way that’s meaningful to you.

  1. No known physical side-effects: for all types of medicines that require ingesting tablets there are likely to be side-effects.  With water-working, things work at a cellular level. In this way there are barely any side-effects if any at all.


  1. No physical stress:  if you already have some kind of physical condition and it needs healing, you can simply meditate and program, you wouldn’t be putting pressure on your body’s muscles or bones in any way.



While academia has become interested in how we could use water for many purposes, mankind still has work left to do – find out how it can be used for the good of humanity.

Whether you are looking for a way to help those in need of nursing in the war-zones, or you wish to make yours (or someone else’s) Christmas like a memorable, beautiful picture, the Silva Method has something in store for you!

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