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Our immune system is made up of organs, cells, tissues, and molecules.  It helps our bodies kill tumour cells, cleans up toxins, and is the first one to know when a disease enters the body. Insomnia, stress, lack of hydration – all contribute to weakening it. Among them, chronic insomnia has become rampant in Ireland – studies with thousands of participants have found at least 40% of the respondents to have suffered from sleep deprivation.  Maintaining a healthy diet, working-out everyday, and relaxing – these are all commonly used prescriptions for improving your immune system.  However, we frequently find ourselves resorting to medicines, spending on new work-out equipment, and obsessing over our diet.  It’s as if we become more stressed trying to get rid of stress!  What would it be like if you didn’t have to worry like a diet-fanatic about what you eat, get on that tiring treadmill run everyday, or swallow expensive pills just to have a good night’s sleep? With Silva Method’s techniques, you would be empowered to reach the same goals without side-effects, in a totally natural way, and all that without breaking a sweat!  Check out HERE our upcoming In-Person/Live and Online/Virtual Silva method seminars.

With the Awake and Sleep Control techniques, it is possible to fall asleep rapidly and wake up as you wish without using an alarm clock.  Students of the method simply need to be patient enough to sit in a chair for less than an hour, close their eyes to relax, and follow the instructor’s guidance to go to a state of mind to program themselves.  If insomnia is making you suffer, the awake and sleep control techniques could heal you.

The Mirror-Of-The-Mind technique is there to get rid of, or acquire any type of habits you want.  You can also use it to solve any problem and reach any goal where you know what the next steps are.  This could be smoking, drinking, overall diet to even smaller habits that only you know about. The difference between using this technique and trying it yourself is that your unconscious mind would be guiding the conscious mind to take actions for your goals. The advantage of this technique is that you automatically would start to take actions concerning your habits. If you only used your conscious mind to eliminate a particular habit, you would be debating the pros and cons in your mind, feel losing energy from the internal struggle.  On the contrary with the MOM technique, your journey becomes smooth and time-efficient. 

With the Centering Exercise and the Psychoorientology / Health Casework technique, you would surely get the ability to listen to your body much more effectively, detect problems in your body, and heal them.  ‘Listening to your body’ is about tapping into your intuition and detecting how your body is responding to your thoughts, emotions, and the surrounding environment.  It is also about trying to find your balance back in this fast-moving world where we push ourselves to our limits.  We could measure our intuition with how developed our senses are. The Centering Exercise of the Silva Method helps your brain operate in the optimum frequency to develop your senses and achieve these goals. With the Body Scan technique, you could detect and heal any loved one’s physical and mental problems from a distance. The  time could take a few weeks or a few days, but never more than an hour or so in a day. If we are updated about what’s happening to our bodies and if we could heal them, it indirectly helps our immune system.  In this way the techniques strengthen our immune systems.  

These techniques have been used for more than 50 years by its practitioners.  With just a little bit of patience, belief, and a desire to do something, you could improve your life greatly.  Try it out, be your own guard, and heal !

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