Manifest With The Silva Method 

What is it?

If you have been desperately looking for an escape from financial misery, a relationship that’s draining you of energy, or just a vague feeling that your life is missing something, you need a solution where things just fall into place.  That’s what manifestation is – when it happens, it appears that the universe is conspiring to bring your thoughts to reality. You’ll find an amazing guided meditation called “Manifestation Meditation” available on The Silva Method Ireland YouTube channel. Check it out HERE and join our community, if you’re not with us yet.

There is little difference between what manifestation means in the book and what it actually means nowadays. Let us start with the Cambridge dictionary and see how it is defined:  To show something clearly, through signs or actions.”  It could be an emotion that you’ve chosen to hide.  Perhaps someone we do not like is around but we do not want to express it publicly.  It would show up in our body language.  We would fold our hands, frown, and so on.  Our dislike would manifest through our body language. Here, the body becomes a medium for our emotions. What it actually means nowadays is getting what you want (a job offer, new clients, a life partner, solution to a business problem etc.) all of a sudden when things just fall into place! All of these things also happen through something.  It could be a friend mentioning a firm hiring people like you, you seeing a print advertisement on a moving bus with the keyword, or a random but definite idea coming into your mind as a solution.

Does it work? 

Something is only real if everyone says it’s real – this notion has been long existing in our world.  Ergo, if you want to achieve something – do according to what everyone thinks is practical.  If there is no tangible sample in the world of what you are talking about then you are out of your mind!  In this way, for many years, mankind has considered hard work as the secret to success.  If we fail even after a lot of effort, well then it is bad luck! The truth is, we are always manifesting whether we know it or we don’t! Ever seen a man being successful hiding something in his heart and saying the opposite for a long time?  It’s not possible!

How to manifest? 

Manifesting uses the Law of Attraction but different techniques – affirmations, vision boards, the 3-6-9 technique, and so on. With each of these techniques, you wouldn’t get corrections and feedback on your approach. You wouldn’t get the feeling that you are in control of your life and relax in your chair.  You wouldn’t be able to be positive, visualise, and try to create a beautiful picture in your mind about what’s really important to you!

Why don’t you try out the Silva Method’s techniques? They require much less energy and zero amount of conscious. Watch HERE my very powerful and inspiring Master Class about“Manifesting with the Silva Method”

The Silva Method:

It emphasises being able to operate at a specific state of mind (Alpha), describing what you want and do not want with as many sensory details as possible, and using the 3 secret keys to get results.

You would need these 3 keys to achieve success with the Silva Method’s techniques:

  1. Belief:  when you visualise what you want, you need to find a way to believe as if your goal’s already been achieved! You’d notice feeling new emotions as you try to build your beliefs’ – that is normal – emotions work as fuel in your programming endeavours.
  2. Desire: you need to feel a burning desire deep within your heart about what you want.  The more beneficial your desire is for others, the better it is.
  3. Expectancy:  remember the feeling you get when you know for certain something’s going to happen?  Try to cultivate the same feeling within you whenever you think about your goals.

I talk about them more in my online Master Class called “Become a magnet of what you desire”. You can watch it HERE.

Tip: if you could cultivate these feelings within you when you are in the alpha level, you would maximise your results!

However, your job is only beginning with the 3 keys, you still need the apply the specific techniques – M.O.M and holoviewing to get results.

Mirror-of-the-mind (M.O.M) and holoviewing techniques:

Whether you want a promotion, start a new business,  cure a long-lasting physical illness, or find all the above options attractive and want to know what is your actual purpose in life, the M.O.M and the holoviewing techniques could give you strength and results.  However, we need to be clear beforehand about the difference between what we deeply desire and what is meant to be our life purpose.  The techniques work best when the target is to improve the lives of the maximum number of people (not just get richer with more money).  If you have selfish goals, then you would be shown a way back to your purpose!

The M.O.M technique requires the practitioner to reach the alpha mind state, imagine 2 mirrors, study the problem in one mirror, and visualise and imagine the solution in the other mirror as being ‘true’.  The holoviewing technique instead focuses on one image and makes you the most powerful actor in the scenario.

Let’s now have a look at the type of problems that we could solve using these techniques:

  1. Forming new habits: you know you should be jogging every day early in the morning – you want to change your lifestyle for the better. You do not because you like the comfort of the warm bedsheet.
  2. Mending a relationship: you are in a tumultuous relationship with your loved ones.  Now you want to balance your relationship with Mr. X and Ms. Y.  A wrong step could upset any of the two and break a friendship.
  3. Achieving a career goal:   you want to relocate to a new city or a country with a job offer but you can not fix your mind – there are just too many options and it would take a long time to analyse all of the options.
  4. Goal prioritising:  it’s also possible that you feel lost and don’t feel motivated to reach any specific goal. The techniques could still direct you toward the next milestone in your life.


Practising these techniques really help you to stay away from running around experimenting and trying out solutions using a  trial-and-error method using your ego.  It could save much of your valuable time, and energy and you wouldn’t feel exhausted afterward!

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