Intuition: the business leader’s natural decision support system

As a business manager you stand to gain from using your hidden powers of intuition instead of simply relying on your logical mind and data.  Intuition is when we don’t rely on ourcision-making ways to make decisions. The gift of intuition could help you as a business manager in the following situations:


Hiring:  if you’ve gone through hiring situations where you “just knew” who’d be the best person to hire, then that’s the point.  Our brains keep all these past experiences in our long-term memories and depending on the strength of our intuition, makes forecasts.  If you want to develop this type of intuition, remember to focus on the feelings, not “what it looks like”. For instance, just because you’ve had a car accident in a specific road, doesn’t mean you’ll have another one when you drive by the same road again.  That’s superstition.  Try to focus your “attention” on similar experiences in the past, then shift the attention to present.  Focus on the overall “feel”, are they the same, or different?  Can you get a yes/no feeling to move forward?  That’s it.


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Negotiation and relationship management:  for corporate professionals who maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders, intuition could really help in detecting people’s authenticity.  Here, you don’t need to focus on a list of previous experiences but on the other person and the ‘feel’ you get when you try to objectively get a feel about the relationship.


Consulting: if you’re in any type of business consulting role, one of your primary job is to listen to your clients intently.  This is where empathetic intuition comes into play.  In these cases, you need to focus on trying to feel what the other person is feeling.  Picture yourself counseling your client and listening to his/her stories when you suddenly know how the story ends.


Finding revenue-generating product or business lines when data and logic indicates otherwise: the world of the present day has become  connected and life has become fast.  You could easily communicate with someone from the other end of the world in an instant and travel almost anywhere in a very short period of time. Things could happen that would require you to change your mindset, culture, or even the organisation to a great extent.


Squarespace, for example, invested heavily in cultural training of its employees, and grown by 1733% (30 to 55) in the first five years. They’ve done what it takes to survive, and they’ve survived.  This kind of cultural changes are commonplace nowadays.  It’s not possible to forecast the specific types of changes that are coming in your way as a business manager.  What could help you is a strong gut feeling about which path to take.  Take the example of Bob Lutz, the CEO of Chrysler in the 1990’s.  The company and its employees felt like there was no way ahead. Competitors were getting ahead and the company wasn’t finding a way to increase or maintain its sales.  Against logic, Bob Lutz relied on his inner voice , calculated in his mind, and found the Dodge Viper – a car which would be priced much higher than any Chrysler cars and would have to find new customers.


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