Alpha, Theta, Metronome Silva sounds

Three powerful sounds (Alpha, Theta, Metronome sounds – 1 hour each) that have many benefits on your daily life.

Read below the benefits of each particular sound.

Alpha sound (7 and 14 Hz) – Some of the positive effects of boosting Alpha waves include lowering stress, reducing anxiety, decreasing depression, improving creative thinking and concentration, healing, maintaining positive thinking.

Theta sound ( 4 and 7) Hz – Some of the positive effects of boosting Theta sound include accessing, problematic conditions that may be the result of experiences when young, managing pain, body healing and rejunevation, increasing mental clarity, lucid dreaming.

The metronome sound includes a theta sound and an alpha sound. The theta metronome sound beats at 5 cycles per second and the alpha metronome sound at 10 cycles per second.

Enjoy the power of these three beneficial Silva method sounds. 

What is your favourite Silva sounds?