Healing a stroke – Silva method

“You are more than you think you are.”

David Parker, Silva Graduate is a recently retired RN. He worked Labor and Delivery bring souls into the world and Hospice seeing souls out of the world.

David had difficulty with focus in high school so became concerned when he decided to attend college if he could make the grades needed.

A friend of David’s, a psychic that had taken the Silva course, told him about Silva Mind Control (The Silva Method) and the benefits the class would have with his ability to study. After the 4 day Silva class David’s ability to focus on one thought at a time made study easy for him.

Using visualization learning anatomy was easy and with practice he was able to mentally enter the body of his patients diagnosing what the physicians didn’t see.

David had a stroke 3 months ago then placed in ICU where he once worked as an RN. Using the meditation techniques he learned through Eckankar and Silva Mind Control (The Silva Method) he actively participated at a mental and spiritual level for his healing.

Watch my interview with David Parker where he shared how he healed himself and  how the Silva method impacts his daily life.

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