Alpha & Theta Sounds – COMBO PACKAGE


Silva Alpha (7 and 14 Hz) and Theta sound (4 and 7 Hz) – COMBO PACKAGE

Check out the effective frequencies of very powerful Silva Alpha and Theta sounds. They are 30 minutes long each and they are available in audio format.



Here are some more benefits: – children with ADHD seem to be able to concentrate longer and are themselves calmer, – teenagers with wild mood swings are calmed, – depressed people begin to feel better, – better sleep, – better concentration, – better meditation, – better visualization, – increase of creativity, – development of intuition, – healing, – better work performance, -stress reduction.

Some of the positive effects of boosting Theta sound include accessing problematic conditions that may be the result of experiences when young, managing pain, body healing and rejunevation, increasing mental clarity, lucid dreaming.

Enjoy alpha and theta living!