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'Kasia is a wonderful facilitator and inspirational coach. She leads her seminars professionally while remaining mindful to participants needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Silva Method training with Kasia which encompassed her pleasant manner, expert skills and attention to detail. Kasia is clearly compassionate about her work.
Whether you are looking for Silva Method training or Life Coaching, Kasia will motivate you to focus on goals and achieve your dreams. I recommend Kasia as a successful business woman who aspires to empower others through delivery of high quality teaching.Contact Kasia now to ensure your life becomes better & better in every way'
Posted By: Rachel Brady
B.SC, BACP, Community worker, Counsellor & 'Heal your Life' Facilitator, Nothern Ireland
Silva method seminars are one of the best seminars I've attended throughout my life. I have learned many technics, which greatly improved my quality of life. Most importantly I learned how to meditate in easy and fun way and how to access my intuition. I have finally gained power and courage to follow my dreams. Silva is for me a lifetime investment. I have already repeated program several times to practice tools and also to meet like minded people. Kasia Ostasz is a great trainer but most importantly an amazing, full of energy and enthusiasm person. She loves life and people. These are only a few reasons why she is able to encourage, motivate and inspire people around her. Thank you Kasia for an amazing opportunity to live my life to the fullest :-)
Posted By: Monika Rak
Advanced Coach Practitioner
I found the class with Kasia of the Silva Method to be very insightful. She has a lovely way about her and you kind to her immediately. I was very impressed how well she taught the class especially through English as it is not her native language - wonderful! There is so much to take in and learn in one language never mind trying to do it in two or more languages, very impressive. I have found myself practicing what I learned easliy and this is down to Kasia's good teaching! She is obviously a huge fan of the Silva method and this ooozes from her. Great class, great course, Thank you Kasia.
Posted By: Marleen Duffy
After Silva seminars, I have started taking control of my life again. Now, when I meditate I can easily feel the inner joy and peace and life is getting much better and I feel I can overcome any challenges in life. Kasia is the right person on the right place. She is fantastic instructor and trainer. She is truly passionate about what she does and she showed her creativity and ability to inspire others. Thank you Kasia! You are amazing human!

Posted By: Jagoda Sadka
"I have came across The Silva Method long time ago, but because of professional way of running the workshops by Kasia, I finally understood it and The Silva Method became bright.
As a pedagogue and life coach I’ve took a part in many courses, workshops and trainings, what I observed people who drive them divide in two groups. The first includes people who gain qualification and are capable to provide, forward this knowledge – and that’s it, end of story. The second group are people full of passions , they’re not trying to teach, they are trying to share their lifestyle. Kasia with no doubt belong to the second group – she share part of her, her lifestyle, her passion, level of knowledge, experience, openness, warm, authentic. She is also professional in every detail. This is my impression on Kasia."
Posted By: Agnieszka Adamska
Life Coach
"Kasia is a very professional and highly skilled coach. She has a vast knowledge on how to create the life you love and she shares it in a warm and confident manner. She can not only help you manifest what you desire in life but also gives practical and useful career guidance to gain clarity on your career goals. I believe Kasia is a warm, trustworthy and professional coach and I would definitely recommend her services to others."
Posted By: Ewa Pietrzak
Abundant Results (Success Coach)
“Training involves the passing on of skills and knowledge to other individuals in an effective manner. Kasia does this to great effect. She is an open and caring person and shows a clear passion for what she does. Having worked with Kasia myself I can honestly say one of her best attributes is how she maintains a constant positive and upbeat attitude. This quality along with her patient nature ensures she guides individuals to successful outcomes.”
Posted By: Katie Murphy
"I can say that Kasia is incredibly professional and is always striving towards maintaining a dynamic and interactive approach in the training room. Kasia is focused, dependable and always willing to go the extra mile, and manages to do all this in a light-hearted way which would make anyone feel at ease”.
Posted By: Hannah Whyte
"Kasia was very pleasurable to work with. Always prepared, professional with a infectious enthusiasm for helping her clients. Kasia is very likeable and highly intuitive with strong empathy skills. She took me through the process with a smile, energy and vast knowledge. She is constantly developing her professional self and looking for improvements, constantly learning and being fully committed to the process. Thank you :-). "
Posted By: Marta Cwiertnia
Recruitment Specialist. Life and Career Coach/Interview Coaching
"Kasia helped me to understand what is my main goal in life. She showed me the ways how I can achive it. Thanks to Kasia I focus only on positive thinking. She is great observator and listener and this is why I would definitely recommend her."
Posted By: Kamila Fik

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