“Kasia is a wonderful facilitator and inspirational coach. She leads her seminars professionally while remaining mindful to participants needs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Silva Method training with Kasia which encompassed her pleasant manner, expert skills and attention to detail. Kasia is clearly compassionate about her work.
Whether you are looking for Silva Method training or Life Coaching, Kasia will motivate you to focus on goals and achieve your dreams. I recommend Kasia as a successful business woman who aspires to empower others through delivery of high quality teaching.Contact Kasia now to ensure your life becomes better & better in every way.”

Rachel Brady

“I have graduated from the Silva Method 17 years ago in Hungary, and recently I’ve felt the need to repeat the course. 
I had great results and achievements over the years, but I wanted to refresh my knowledge and dig deeper. Suddenly, one day I came across the Silva Method Ireland’s upcoming classes in Dublin and snatched the opportunity.
The best of my decisions for the past few years.
It was all familiar but fresh and new at the same time, thanks to Katarzyna who is a real energy bomb. She delivered the classes with radiant joy and enthusiasm leaving all participants with a thorough knowledge of the method. We had the most uplifting and energising weekends in her classes.
Do not hesitate to participate in her Silva Method Courses – she will guide you all the way with sure hands and will teach you to use a magic tool you already have but never used like this before – your own mind and intuition.
Better & better!

Eva Molnar

“I attended Silva courses in London in 2015 and with Katarzyna in 2016. I wanted to refresh my knowledge and it was even better than the first two times.
We are encouraged to ask questions and to share our experiences. Katarzyna is a great teacher and makes the concepts very easy to understand. She also includes real life examples or modern technology updates which makes reading the original documentation a lot easier.

I learned so much more this time round; Katarzyna makes it so easy and re-iterates the concepts over and over.
I would recommend attending Katarzyna’s Silva Method programme to everyone. 
It’s fantastic and you will look at the world a lot differently! The people that are drawn to Katarzyna’s classes are also amazing.”

Sinead Hanlon