Make meditation super easy and fun


I know meditation is great for me. I deeply desire to have my meditation practice every day. I know that meditation has been changing and improving my life for better.

There are so many studies about the benefits of meditation that I am not even going to write them here as you can simply ‘google’ them up. I can only ensure you that by a regular practice of meditation you will invite more light into your life, you will increase your happiness and creativity, you will improve your emotional stability and immune system, you will increase your energy level and develop your intuition.

Below, you will find my very effective suggestions in order to how you can make your meditation practice super easy and fun.

Start with the small steps.

Yes, I did remember my beginnings. I could not sit even for one minute in relation to calm myself down. So I came up with some ideas that had helped me starting to be in the moment of NOW. I started spending more time with the nature, focusing on my breath, listening the sound of waves while being on the beach. I am pretty sure you know that “…the journey of the thousands miles begins with the single step” – Lao Tzu. I encourage you to take a small step just now, such as: ten breaths, because everyone has a time for 10 breaths. Make big changes in your life in small steps. It’s worth it, I know what I am talking about.

Find your favourite spot.

With your inbox overflowing and your to-do list it is hard to meditate at your desk, therefore you should always keep in mind finding for yourself nice and relaxing surroundings.

I love meditating on the beach or in my tiny garden sitting on my relaxation pillow that I named ‘Big Bertha’. I know though, that sometimes it is not possible to meditate at these locations as we have no access to them or perhaps we do not live close to the beach/lake/park or beautiful mountains. So what to do in these cases? Well, you can still find some spot at your house/apartment/room and make it your favourite. Just change something up! Brighten your room! Add some pleasant colours! Invite some real, living energy to your home by bringing some fresh flowers and make it your home your personal sanctuary. I bet you would love meditating!


Get comfortable.

Ufff, I could simply recall how annoying was for me to sit cross-legged in lotus with a straight back and poised mudra fingers. It is not anymore, but I am pretty sure that it might be for you, especially when you have just started your journey with meditation or you are planning to do so. What to do then?

First, you need to think what ‘comfy’ means to you. Be careful with being too comfy, as I do not want you to fall asleep during your practice. Of course, there are many positions we can meditate in: sitting, standing, walking and lying down. My instructions focus on the sitting position, the most common position for formal practice, as it is conducive to staying alert and relaxed.

-Sit on the edge of the bed/chair/armchair.

-Keep your feet flat on the floor.

-The hands can be kept on the thighs.

-Focus on your breath, visualize your goals.

You can also start meditating once you are taking shower or having a bath.

Add some music into your practice.

Use CD’s with your favourite music and see how it works for you. I personally love meditating with the Alpha sound in the background as it always helps me to centre myself. Moreover, this sound will help you slowing down the brain frequency and just relaxing your mind.

Find support in the group.

It has been proven that once we experience newness we should have supportive people around us. There are so many meditation groups in every town or city that will help you to stay motivate with your practice. Of course, you are more than welcome to join Silva Method Community in Ireland where you get the best support ever. For more information about it, contact me here: The Silva Method Ireland.

Make this moment special.

Be grateful. Name people and situations in your life and how they have benefited. I can’t imagine meditating without being grateful for all things receiving every day, therefore this daily routine is so special for me. Make sure to turn off your mobile phone when you meditate.



Although meditation has a reputation for being a difficult discipline, you do not have to put that kind of pressure on yourself. Do not worry if you can’t silence your mind. These are skills that take time to master. Good luck and keep me posted how you are getting on? You are more than welcome to live your comment in the box below.


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