My personal experience with The Silva Method 

My life changing experience with the Silva Method started with reading the book  The Silva Method Mind Control” by Jose Silva during my holidays in Portugal in 2010. Since then I have been fascinated with the Silva Method and I have been very keen to learn more about it and gain more understanding of it.

After reading the book I started practicing the Silva Method and I noticed that my life started changing along the way. I have learned how to be more positive, relaxed, energized and patient. I have overcome my health issue and increased my learning speed. I got happily married with the love of my life. I become a mum of a wonderful son Oliver. I got promoted at work. I had a courage to start buiding my own coaching business. My husband and I bought a house in Ireland and we invested money in opening our online shop. But most of all I started believing in myself and I developed a new approach in my life which I called : ‘You are creator of your own life’.

I am forever grateful for everything that has been happening in my life and I strongly believe that the Silva Method techniques helped me to achieve all my small and big goals.

In February 2014 I attended the Silva Method basic lecture in Poland since I had read that the live events transform people at the cellular level. I deeply believed in this based on my own experience which I got only from reading a book. The changes people make, the shifts they have, the new intentions or goals they set, have much higher chance of fulfilment when they attend live seminars.

Please do not follow my example and don’t wait so long if you have already heard about the Silva Method, but sign immediately for a live seminar in your local area, because your life won’t be the same anymore! You will experience a positive change in every area of your life!

I became a Silva Method Instructor in July 2014. And now I’m dedicated to empowering your mind, so you can create a better world for you.

Do you have any experience with the Silva Method?

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