Leadership Development Seminar – Silva Certification Training

July 13th-20th 2014, Kaunas, Lithuania

Amazing and very positive people from around the world came to Kaunas in Lithuania to complete a Leadership Development Seminar – Silva Certification Training in order to become the Certified Silva Method Instructors and be able to teach the Silva Method in their countries.

Wow! What the training it was! I still have the goose bumps when I think about it!

Ken Coscia, the International Training Director for all Silva Instructors was conducting the training. Together with Ken, we have explored how to use the Silva Method techniques as professionals to maximize our results as instructors. But most of all we have examined all the Silva Method tools and the researches behind the Silva. We have practised how to present the Silva’s seminars and workshops in a fun, engaging and effective manner to our local communities.

Beside a very intensive training we had a great fun in the evenings, we were discovering traditional lithaunian cuisine, we were having long and inspirational walks along the two beautiful Kauna’s rivers – Nemunas and Neris, and we were appreciating and enjoying our companionship.

Leadership Development Seminar – Silva Certification Training was one of the best event that I have experienced in my life so far. It was a pleasure to being with you, learning from you and practising with you. I have grown so much as a person and as a professional! You are amazing. See you soon.

Have you ever participated in the Silva Method’s live seminars? What was your experience? Please share your story below with us and others.

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