6 VIP Manifestation Sessions


One reason people don’t manifest or prosper is because they wrongly believe that their business, job, partner, investments, the government, or some other channel is their source of manifestation or prosperity.

Break through invisible barriers holding you back from prosperity, peace of mind and the fulfilling life.


These VIP individual sessions are designed to work with specific issues you are dealing with in the present moment. They are tailored to your personal needs. Before the process, you need to feel out a questionnaire that will help me to understand your challenges. I’ll provide you with a STEP-BY-STEP, a proven process (theory & practise) for mastering your manifestation skills.

Essentially, manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, i.e. if you think it, it will come. However, there is more to manifestation than willpower and positive thinking. Manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience in reality via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.



  • Deeper understanding of your true self, and better control over thoughts and actions.
  • Realize your spiritual tools to achieve success.
  • Reprogram your subconscious beliefs.
  • Learn to trust your intuition.
  • Improve your mental health.
  • Dream bigger, open your eyes to possibilities you wouldn’t normally recognize, and empower yourself to take action.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that may be holding you back from the life you want to live.
  • Clarify your goals and create a clear roadmap for achieving them.
  • Unlock your full potential and creating the life you truly desire.
  • Activate the power of imagination and visualization.
  • Master D-B-E thought process for manifesting..
  • Embrace your emotions.


TIME: One manifestation session lasts 90 minutes. We need at least 6 sessions to help you to understand, practise and implement tools for manifestating the life of your desire.

COST: 6 VIP manifestation sessions – 1080 ( 1 session – 180)

TOOLS and TECHNIQUES are provided and included in the cost for your home practise and support.