How to reach an alpha level? ONLINE TRAINING


How to reach an alpha level?

This is one of the most common questions I hear from you…and I come to you with the answer.

By learning to function with awareness at the deeper alpha frequency, you will manage your internal state, thereby allowing you to focus your thinking, find solutions quickly and manifest your goals.  At the same time, you develop and build your creative side. Eventually, you awaken your intuition, psychic awareness and learn to sense valuable information through other than your five physical senses.


Scientific research over the last several decades has revealed that the most successful people use their minds differently that the average person. They use more of their mind potential and use it in a special manner. My online trainings based on the Silva method approach show you how to use more of your mind in a positive and creative manner.

What you will learn at the training?

  • How to awakening the Genius within?
  • The difference between left and right brain hemispheres.
  • How to use the right brain hemisphere for thinking?
  • What is the secret of our success?
  • Steps to meditating.
  • What are the deepening techniques?
  • How to reach an alpha level?

BONUS – You’ll receive an alpha sound in audio format for your practice.